Commercial Insurance

Regardless of what some agents lead you to believe, commercial insurance is not a one size fits all product.  Every business is different. Every business owner has different risk tolerance and coverage needs.  At Howard Webb  Insurance we are ourselves entrepreneurs.  Our ownership and agents have successfully started and run businesses for 50 years including bakeries, real estate management companies, import/export firms, electronics design and manufacturing companies and  jewelry stores.  From retail to industry, we have the experience and knowledge to relate to your specific needs and address them with a flexible policy that will cover your needs today and allow you to grow into tomorrow.

Is your insurance agent a trusted member of your management team?  If not, shouldn't they be?

If you are only looking for an agent to sell you a policy, collect your money and never be heard from again, we are not the right agency for you.  If you are looking for an agency who :

  • Will offer research and advice into the best way to handle unusual risks
  • Will proactively review your policy and changes in your business to insure they align
  • Will offer experience and knowledge to help you grow your business in a sustainable manner
  • Will be there in the worst of times, not simply when it is easy.
  • Will never shy away from a challenge and instead will rise with you to meet it

Every insurance agency will tell you why they are qualified to handle your business..... why they are the right choice to protect your business......why they are the best. But every new relationship in insurance is no different than life, there is no trust and there is no reason to believe. We embrace this and realize that every long term relationship is built from the foundation up. At Howard Webb Insurance, we hope our extensive experience will bring you in the door but it is our core value to prove our worth every day that will make you stay. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to prove to you that there is no better choice to protect your tomorrows.