Marriage: It Just Makes Cents

Saying “I do” can change more than just your last name or relationship status on Facebook – it changes your financial situation. And that’s not just because you may be supporting a spouse. Marriage comes with several financial benefits.

Health Insurance

One of the most widely known financial benefits of marriage is the decreased cost in health insurance. In many households, only one spouse is the recipient of insurance benefits from their employer, but they are able to add their partner to their plan for a reasonable cost.

Auto Insurance

Health insurance isn’t the only type of insurance whose price is lowered by marriage. Auto insurance providers often offer discounted prices when customers purchase multiple policies at the same time. According to Insure.com, a 23 year old living in Indianapolis, Indiana could see as much as a 26% drop in his or her annual premium when he or she applies for coverage as a married couple.


Nobody enjoys filing taxes, but marriage can make it more worth your while. Married couples have the option to either file jointly or separately, but most choose jointly because it is typically cheaper. The one exception to this is in low income houses that bring in less than 10,000 dollars per year. These households receive less of the earned income credit that is designed to keep the working class poor out of poverty because they are classified as a dual income household.


Married individuals often find it significantly easier to get approval for loans because of the increased financial stability marriage offers. Dual income households also inherently bring in more money, thus making them more attractive clients.

Credit Score

Marrying someone with a higher credit score automatically raises your own score. However, this is a reciprocal action, and your spouse’s credit score will be lowered. But ultimately, most people are better off when they are married.

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